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Imagine Having the Energy to Live the Life You Want

Imagine consistently getting well-rested, rejuvenating sleep so you wake up every morning with boundless energy and motivation, ready to seize the day (and your goals).


Imagine finally preventing stress & anxiety attacks from happening, that will allow you to do what you want without feeling tired and worried for your health.


If any of this gets you excited, then we’d like to invite you to join the 11-day SOMA BreathFit Challenge To Recharge Your Energy & Health.

How the Challenge Works

Every day for eleven days, you’ll get a video with performance hacks or habits that will help you to eliminate lethargy, tiredness, “brain fog”, excess weight, or other physical health challenges holding back your peak performance and full potential.


Here’s a glimpse into your SOMA BreathFit Challenge:


DAY 1: Foundations - Understand the history and science of breathwork and the key role it plays in maintaining optimal health.


DAY 2: Correcting Your Breath - Follow four guided reduced breathing exercise videos to improve your Breath Hold Time, which awakens your ‘inner pharmacy’ and kickstarts your body’s self-healing mode


DAY 3: Advanced Reduced Breathing Exercises - Take it to the next level with three advanced reduced breathing exercises that will activate both hemispheres of your brain, energise your body, calm and harmonise your nervous system, and relieve stress.


DAY 4: Optimize Your Sleep - Improve your sleep quality with four guided relaxation tracks to sync your brain into a deep sleep.


DAY 5: Physical Exercise - Learn six targeted Functional Isometric Training (F.I.T.) exercises and six simple yoga poses derived from the practice of authentic renegade yogis to become stronger and fitter in the shortest and most effective time possible,


DAY 6: SOMA Breath® Diet - Get the one mind shift that will simplify your approach to healthy eating without stressing out over calorie counting or cutting out food groups.


Day 7: SOMA Awakening - The Power Of Intermittent Hypoxia - Discover our signature SOMA Awakening Breathwork Meditation that is designed to help you use the power of the breath to unlock the creative potential of your mind, strengthen your body and nervous system, and boost your energy.


DAY 8: Functional Isometric Training (F.I.T.) - Learn a series of static anaerobic workouts designed to make you stronger and fitter in the shortest and most effective time possible, without the risk of injury.


DAY 9: SOMA Breath® Yoga - Seated Exercises - Practice the traditional form of Yoga which is a system of static exercises designed to give you stronger muscles, joints and tendons, more flexibility, better balance and a method to drain your lymphatic system to clear out toxins from your body.


Day 10: SOMA Breath® Yoga - Standing Exercises - Continue the prior days lesson and move from seated yoga postures to standing


DAY 11: Your Perfect SOMA BreathFit Lifestyle - Learn how to create your own SOMA BreathFit lifestyle routine with all of the techniques and tools you’ve learned in the challenge.


What BreathFit Participants Have To Say About The Challenge

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Add the 11-Day BreathFit Challenge to your order for only $97 $49

Here’s what’s included in the challenge

11 days of video training from Niraj Naik ($178 value) which includes:

  • The history, science, and role of breathwork ($17 value)

  • 4 x guided reduced breathing exercise videos to awaken your inner pharmacy ($59 value)

  • 3 x advanced reduced breathing exercises to energize your mind and body ($49 value)

  • 4 x guided relaxation tracks to improve your sleep quality ($26 value)

  • 6 x Functional Isometric Training (F.I.T.) exercises for weight loss ($19 value)

  • 6 x SOMA yoga poses for strength and resilience ($19 value)

  • Simplified mind shift to healthy eating + a Renegade Smoothie recipe ($11 value)

  • Our signature SOMA Awakening Breathwork Meditation ($59 value)

  • Bonus #1: SOMA BreathFit lifestyle routine ($47 value)

  • Bonus #2: Scientific resources

Daily Interaction with other group participants and a SOMA Breath® Master Instructor ($49 value)

Be part of the supportive SOMA Breath® tribe who are doing this challenge with you (priceless)

The total value of this challenge is over $400.

However, since you purchased the “Tools for Stress and Anxiety” you are eligible for a special 50% discount.

You only invest $97 $49 to be part of this life-transforming journey

So if you’re ready to reclaim your energy, kickstart your weight loss journey, and build the foundation for optimal health and peak performance…

What Do I Get With This Training?


SOMA BreathFit Challenge

Get the performance hacks and habits that will kickstart your journey
to lose weight, get in shape, and create the foundation for optimal
health, boundless energy, and peak performance.


Awakening Breath Journey

Supercharge Your Mind, Body & Spirit And Call In Your True Life's Purpose In This 21 Day Virtual Retreat taught through 4 webinar sessions + downloadable guided breathwork meditation and exercises


Energized Meditation and Daily Doses

Our signature SOMA Energized Meditation routine and two Specially Designed SOMA Meditations To Give You More Energy & Motivation In The Morning And Deep Relaxation For A Rejuvenating Sleep In The Evenings


Full collection of the L.O.V.E Albums and Hypno-Fractal videos

Over 8 hours of Trypnaural Ultra Music and Hypno-Fractal video technology designed to raise your Level Of Vibrational Energy, boost alpha, theta and gamma waves to enhance the power of creative imagination and intentional meditation.